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Daily Bread Bakers Sandwege

Introducing The Sandwege!®

The simple sandwich is menued more often than any other entrée with Americans consuming more than 300 million per day. Now this bill-of-fare favorite has been re-engineered as Daily Bread Bakers featured item, the Sandwege®, the shape of things to come in the quick-service food market.
The Sandwege offering consists of two wedge shaped pieces of Artisan bread generously topped with the spread, drizzle and sprinkles of your choosing, a Daily Special, or one of thirty Signature Items created by our award winning chefs. All are quick, easy and delicious, at the table or on the go!
Half The Carbs Of An Ordinary Sandwich!
Our Signature Items incorporate the science of molecular gastronomy, (the study of different ingredients’ chemical and physical effect on taste and flavor) and utilize an assortment of natural, hand-selected toppings that when combined, result in a wide range of delicious and uniquely crafted selections unequaled in the market!
An ordinary sandwich is traditionally prepared using a sliced sub roll or between two pieces of flat bread. The Sandwege is anything but ordinary. We use only one half of a freshly baked sandwich loaf per serving, warm from the oven, and cut into two easy to hold pizza-like shapes. Half the bread, half the carbs! And with our creative selection of toppings, drizzles and sprinkles it’s gratification without guilt!
Who Knew Science Could Taste So Good!
The Sandwege is a registered trademark of Daily Bread Bakers, LLC
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