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Daily Bread Bakers retail line consists of our premium coffees in 12oz bags, our select jams and spreads in 9oz jars and customized gift baskets.

Costa Rican 100% Arabica Coffee

Variety - Caturra and Catuai

Description - Grown on the steep slopes of the Tarrazu region, Colibri (translated as "Hummingbird") is among the top quality coffees processed by Beneficio San Diego.  Cherries are hand selected and picked during the harvest season, insuring the characteristic flavors of chocolate and citrus in the cup. This exceptional choice is sure to keep you "humming" all day long!

Profile - AROMA: Nutty, floral, chocolaty

FLAVOR: Milk chocolate, walnut, honey

BRIGHTNESS: Clean, subtle citrus

BODY & FINISH: Deep, rich, spicy

Profile - AROMA: Earthy, spicy, smoky, & pungent

FLAVOR: Earthy, malty and peppery with a  black currant-sweet, smoky, roast character.

BODY & Finish: Deep and rich with a sweet molasses-like finish.

Dark French Roast Indonesian Blend Coffee

Description - Grown traditionally in rainforest canopies along the Indonesian Archipelago, this blend celebrates the rich diversity of some of the world’s most primitive coffees.

Variety - Mixed (mainly Sumatra Typica)

Colombian/Brazilian Medium Roast Blend Coffee

Variety - Mixed

Description - Twice a year in April and September, we celebrate the arrival of one of our favorite mild, well-balanced classics.  Regarded as some of the highest quality coffees in the world, Colombia’s arabica plants thrive in

the semi-shaded, high elevation volcanic soil of the Andes.  These small-farm specialty coffees are harvested on steep slopes by hand at their optimal ripeness, then washed and sun-dried to optimize preservation. A great wake-up coffee!

AROMA: Vanilla & Cocoa

FLAVOR: Very balanced, slightly fruity and chocolaty, with a honey-like sweetness

BRIGHTNESS: Well pronounced yet subdued citrus fruit 

BODY & FINISH: Rich & full with a creamy milk chocolate resonance (goes to dark chocolate as it cools).

Jams & Spreads
Red Raspberry
Pear Cinnamon
Black Raspberry
Sweet Potato Butter Spread
Pumpkin Butter
Apple Butter Spread
Peanut Butter Spread
Honey Roasted
Peanut Butter Spread
Gift Baskets
Concorde Grape Jelly

Daily Bread Bakers gift baskets with an assortment of Coffee, Jam and Tea make the perfect gift! 

(see the cashier at each Daily Bread Bakers shoppe for details).

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