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Food for Thought

Throughout the ages bread has been celebrated as the most fundamental of fare, a near synonym for civilized sustenance. It has been said that “Everything is food, but bread is the great mother.”  The concept of Daily Bread Bakers is as fundamental and pure as bread itself.

Our conceptual belief is that everyone loves fresh baked bread and the observation that this common commodity is rarely available at its most consumable peak; hot, steaming and direct from the oven. Combine this near perfect food with select jams, butters, honeys and other unique toppings and deliver it in a convenient ready to enjoy package and the result is Daily Bread Bakers. Target locations include malls, themed attractions and university schools.

Our marketing is equally simple, bread and jam is a celebration for the senses. The aroma of baking bread, the taste of small samplings of toppings and the feel of warm bread to the touch. The ability to watch the bread rise in our glass front ovens and displays of colorful and exciting spreads, jams and drizzles are a feast for the eyes.

Selections can be as basic as strawberry jam on butter bread or as complex as Amish peanut butter spread, marshmallow and chocolate gravy on a sour dough loaf. With more than half a dozen Artisan breads, excluding seasonal offerings, and three dozen spreads and drizzles to choose from, the possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Daily Bread Bakers features both adult and children’s portions with selections prepared for morning, noon and night and anytime in between, all presented in a warm themed environment of stone and wood textures.
Our story Daily Bread Bakers
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